About Eat Clean

About Eat Clean


Eat Clean is a bespoke healthy food ordering and wellness platform that simplifies healthy living like never before, concentrating Dubai's healthy food outlets under one channel.

Our team of nutritionists have handpicked the healthiest and tastiest food options which you can filter through according to your dietary needs in order to find your most suitable meal in just a few clicks! Common food intolerances (e.g. gluten, dairy etc.) and dietary lifestyles (e.g. vegan, paleo etc.) are included in the search fields for a tailor-made and user-friendly experience, and you will find thorough nutritional information for each item sold on the platform including total calorie count and breakdown of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat). Vegan, paleo, high protein, low calorie - You name it, we've got it all!

If you haven't yet, check out our Eat Clean Manual for a guide through the various dietary lifestyles that exist as well as key terms in the clean eating world easily defined. Confused between a food intolerance and a food allergy? Worry no more!.

And that's not all! Browse through our Eat Clean Blog to discover the most delicious guilt-free recipes crafted by chefs and bloggers in Dubai, as well as uncover insider tips from nutritionists to help you lead a healthier life.


Your ideal meal awaits, get it in four easy steps:

  • Select Meal

  • Add To Cart

  • Pay Online / Cash

  • Get Delivered

  • Select your meal according to your location, type of food and most importantly your dietary needs (e.g gluten free, dairy free, vegan etc.).

  • Add your selected dish to your shopping cart, make edits to your order and proceed to check out.

  • You have the option of paying by card online or cash/credit on delivery.

    Once you log in to create your profile and enter your card details, we will remember you for future transactions!

  • Restaurants will deliver your order within the hour unless it requires a specific lead time (e.g detox programs, bakeries etc.)

    Enjoy your healthy meal!

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