June 27, 2018

Get To Know The Eat Clean Founders!

Meet Elsy & Bassil, the two young health freaks behind Eat Clean with a little of their own healthy journey, the story of how Eat Clean started and insider information on their daily life!

How the Eat Clean idea came about:

The idea came out of pure frustration! Eating healthy in such a fast-paced city with long working hours and very little time to pay attention to your eating habits isn't easy, and when you do want to eat healthy, you tend to order from the same places every single day, we know the struggle! We believe eating and living healthy should be simple, and our platform serves that exact purpose. Dubai residents need a quick fix, a one stop shop for all things healthy where you can really trust the offering, and this is exactly why we’ve built this platform to ease people’s access to healthy food in Dubai.

Interesting facts not everyone knows about Eat Clean:

  • Every single item on the platform has been approved by dietitians.
  • We work with restaurants to alter some dishes' ingredients or cooking methods to make them healthier.
  • We sometimes create exclusive healthy dishes from restaurants for Eat Clean customers.
  • You can use any of our 12 filters and combine them the way you want until you find the right food that fits your needs! Our go-to filters are vegan and wheat free :)
  • We have a retail section with fresh produce, healthy bakeries, snacks and juices that many people don't know about.

Our personal journey to clean eating:

Elsy: I have always aspired to eat clean to match my active lifestyle, but it was always challenging with a crazy daily schedule juggling work, dance and social life, and no time to pay proper attention to the food I was consuming. When nutrition could have been my strongest source of fuel, I felt like my energy was low and I just wasn’t feeling my best overall; this is when I started paying more attention to what went into my body about 4 years ago and noticed that I was eating all the wrong foods. I changed up my diet and have seen amazing results since then!

Bassil: I wasn’t always aware of what I was consuming, as many people still aren’t. It all started when I began working and noticed that my eating habits were deteriorating as I would always go for the easiest and most convenient options. Naturally, I would grab anything that is easily accessible whether it is good for me or not, I just wanted to eat! I started noticing that I was gaining some unhealthy weight in addition to feeling lethargic. This is when I started eating cleaner to boost my energy and mood overall.

How we stay healthy and active:

Bassil: I work out regularly and make sure to have a well-rounded and balanced diet every day. I go to the gym five times a week and I ensure the food I eat helps fuel my body with the right nutrients.

Elsy: I am a strong advocate for Pilates, and practice it five times a week. I always try to choose wholesome foods rather than refined and processed ones. There is no such thing as cheating when you decide to be healthy, it is simply a way of life :)

5 clean eating tips from the founders:

  • Drink lots of water; with such hot weather in Dubai, it’s important to stay hydrated.
  • Every morning upon waking up, try to think of what you’re going to eat throughout the day. The slightest ideas in your head would help make smarter decisions especially when you’re busy at work.
  • Don’t exclude any food group in your diet. Carbs are not your enemy! It’s a matter of eating the right foods with the right portions, and not about eating less.
  • Eat slowly, take your time, your plate isn’t going to run away! One of the main causes for digestive issues and overeating is the way we eat.
  • Because eating clean is a lifestyle, get moving! Find a good balance between consuming wholesome meals and exercising regularly for an overall health transformation.


Their favourite meals to order from Eat Clean:

Elsy: My ultimate favourites are the black bean burger from Under 500 and the mushroom risotto from Urth.

Bassil: My favourites are the noodle broth bowl from The Clean Living Company and the super bowl from Circle.

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