June 29, 2017

Top Tips To Get Moving

With good food being one of the pleasures of life, we cannot deny that balancing out your daily nutritional intake and physical activity is key to smart and healthy living.

While it is easier said than done, many find it hard to squeeze in a workout on a busy day. Whether it’s being up early for a morning jog before work, or packing your fitness bag so that you can go directly to the gym straight from work, it often feels like there simply isn’t time.

The fact is, working out is the best way to burn stubborn calories, but we often underestimate how the small activities throughout the day can help contribute to our daily calorie expenditure.

Here are Right Bite’s top 10 tips to increase your daily steps towards a healthier lifestyle:

  • Park far and walk more Instead of driving around to look for the closest parking spot, walk the distance!
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs Stair climbing contributes a good 30 minutes to your total daily physical workout.
  • Shop till you drop One hour of shopping counts as a real workout, especially if you’re a woman who plans on buying an outfit but ends up with makeup, calorie burn is assured.
  • Walk your dog It’s a great activity for both man and man’s best friend!
  • Just dance Sometimes all you need is good music and some fancy moves to make you sweat in no time, like zumba, hip hop or salsa. You don’t need to be a pro dancer, just move it!
  • Join a sports team Choose an activity that you enjoy, such as tennis, volleyball or team runs, this will keep you motivated since it’s fun too!
  • Walking meetings Try walking meetings at work instead of seated ones, this will add up to your daily energy expenditure.
  • Cycle for your groceries Instead of driving to the supermarket, increase your step count by cycling; little healthy habits could make a big difference!
  • Time for some house chores! While it might sound surprising, a good one hour house work could be equivalent to an hour of work out!
  • Get active at your work place Save only 10 minutes of your lunch break for some stretching. Also, get moving by printing your papers instead of asking for assistance, and visit your colleagues’ office rather than calling them!

With these tips, reaching for your 10,000 steps a day can be easily achievable. It’s often so easy to underestimate these little activities, but the simple truth is, they all help us live healthier. If you don’t have time for your daily workout, seize your free hours to keep moving! No more excuses, instead think of ways to keep moving - your body deserves it!

Happy moving ! :)

Author: Danya Nasser, Right Bite Dietitian.

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