Icons Coffee Couture

Minimum Order

AED 100

Payment Options

Card, Cash

Average Time To Deliver

4 Hrs

Opening Hours

Today 8.00 AM to 11.00 PM

A selection of organic coffee and teas.

Menu / Categories

Organic Espresso coffee beans (500g)

73 AED

Minimum order AED 100

Box of 8 muffins

*Calories per 65g piece

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Filter Café Crema 500g

41 AED

Minimum order AED 100

Ground coffee. Icons® Filter Café Crema is an aromatic blend with a fine strong aroma and spicy mocha note, which takes you back to the German origins of café crema.

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Organic Earl Grey 250g

133 AED

Minimum order AED 100

Organic black tea(95%), mallow blossoms, white and blue cornflower petals, natural bergamot flavouring. A classic tea in every way, this is the perfect black tea to enjoy at an afternoon tea. Tradi...

0 Reviews

Organic Green Tea 250g

154 AED

Minimum order AED 100

Organic green tea. This aromatic and unique Green tea is produced in the Wufeng Mountains in the southwest province of Hubei and will let you shine from inside.

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