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Battle Ship

47 AED 39.95 AED

170 gm mix of White fish and Salmon Cubes with Avocado, Corn, Mixed Quinoa, Brown Rice, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes and recommended Black Pepper Sauce

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Light Chicken In The Kitchen

60 AED

Favourite Choice

Grilled Chicken Breast, Sweet n’ Sour Cucumber-spinach-sesame Salad.

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Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

29 AED 24.65 AED

Marinated Chicken with Mixed Bell Peppers, Onion, Spices and Light Soya Sesame Sauce served with Iceberg Lettuce

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Light Box

205 AED 174.25 AED

2 light halloumi, 2 baked falafel, 2 lean roast beef, 2 turkey light, 2 roasted chicken, 2 no-oil zaatar.

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Light Chicken Salad

34 AED 28.9 AED

Juicy slices of roasted chicken breast with rocca, carrots, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, roasted capsicum, pickles, romaine lettuce and tossed in a balsamic dressing.

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Battle Ground

45.15 AED 38.3775 AED

It`S The Ultimate Protein Bowl. 200 Gm Of Grilled Chicken And Grilled Beef With Brown Rice, Avocado, Corn, Kidney Beans, Carrots, With A Light Secret Sauce

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Light Roasted Chicken

32 AED 27.2 AED

Juicy slices of marinated roasted chicken breast with tomatoes, lettuce, and a light aioli sauce, wrapped in wholesome multi-cereal dough.

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