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Battle Ship

47 AED 39.95 AED

170 gm mix of White fish and Salmon Cubes with Avocado, Corn, Mixed Quinoa, Brown Rice, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes and recommended Black Pepper Sauce

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Light No-oil Zaatar

15 AED 12.75 AED

Full flavor, zero oil. Dried zaatar with sesame, rocca, tomatoes, spring onion, and pickles, wrapped in wholesome multi-cereal dough.

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The Classic

40 AED

Favourite Choice

Lightly Fried Jasmine Rice, Mixed Veggies, Organic Egg, Prawns.

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29 AED 24.65 AED

Tuna mixed with Avocado, Herbs and Light Lemon Olive Sauce served inside an Avocado

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Catch Me If You Can

63 AED

Favourite Choice

Steamed Sea Bass Rolls, Veggies, Shimeji Mushrooms, Green Asparagus, Carrot, Steamed Jasmine-lemon Rice.

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Ms. Sophisticated

65 AED

Favourite Choice

Oven Grilled Salmon, Pistachio-orange Crust, Parsnip-apple-vanilla Puree, Cucumber-spinach-sesame Salad.

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Pastuna Salad

34 AED 28.9 AED

Wholewheat fusili pasta and tuna with tomatoes, pickles, mixed capsicum, black olives, onion, romaine lettuce, lemon zest with tossed in our house herb dressing.

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Light Halloumi

28 AED 23.8 AED

Low-fat halloumi cheese with rocca, mint, tomatoes, and pickles, wrapped in wholesome multi-cereal.

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