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Buddha’s Satay

40 AED

Freshii - Dubai
Minimum order AED 35

Grilled chicken, rice noodles, peanuts, carrots, bean sprouts, broccoli, green onions and peanut sauce.

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Super Avocado Caesar

32 AED

Tossed - DAFZA
Minimum order AED 35

chunky avocado, caesar dressing, pickled veg and rainbow slaw

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37 AED

Loca Lito

All our salads are made fresh with mixed leaves and house dressings: Grilled Achiote chicken, lime vinaigrette, guacamole & sour cream

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Thai Chicken

32 AED

Pita Pit

Tzatziki, mixed leaves, tomatoes, onions, red cabbage, cheddar with sweet chili sauce

*Original size Cal(527) P(37) Carbs(52) Fat(19)

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Chiken Salouna And Freed

63.53 AED

Zucchini, bezar spices, carrot, cinnamon, extra olive oil, dried lemon, coriander, tomato, tomato paste, garlic, ghee, ginger, potato, saffron, salt, onion, turmeric, powder, chicken

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Spicy Chicken Harissa Salad

44.63 AED

Skinny Genie

Grilled spicy chicken marinated with harissa, mixed capsicum, semi-sundried cherry tomato, baby spinach and harissa dressing

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The Thai - Regular

40 AED

The Salad Jar

Red Cabbage, Carrot, Spring Onion, Lime & Cilantro Marinated Chicken, Edamame, Red Pepper, Black Sesame, Yellow Pepper, Peanuts & Kale. Dressing: Lemongrass Infused Green Thai Curry

Large: Cal...

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Chicken Twist- Regular

40 AED

The Salad Jar

Red Pepper, Chicken, Red Cabbage, Zucchini, Snow Peas, Edamame, Raisins & Kale. Dressing: Blend Of Soya & Fresh Ginger

Large - Cal (608) Pro (34.5) Carbs (54) Fat (41)

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Thai Chicken Curry

45 AED

Right Bite Express Kitopi
Minimum order AED 35

Our signature spicy red curry with chicken and mixed vegetables

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Light Boneless Grilled Chicken

52 AED

Ayam Elezz Kitopi
Minimum order AED 40

Boneless Marinated Grilled Chicken

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Chicken Chop - Regular

40 AED

The Salad Jar

Asparagus, Chicken, Cucumber, Red Cabbage, Kidney Beans, Tomato, Red Pepper, Dates & Feta. Dressing: Honey Lime Vinaigrette

Large: Cal (730) Pro (42.5) Carbs (76) Fat (30)

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JJ Chicken Salad

35 AED

JJ Chicken Dubai Marina

Grilled chicken breast, Iceberg, mushrooms, cucumbers, sweet corn, served with creamy lemon dressing

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Chicken Chutney - Regular

40 AED

The Salad Jar

Black Beans, Chicken, Red Pepper, Bulgur, Cilantro, Red Chilies, Cucumber, Mango, Feta & Kale. Dressing: Mango-Chutney With A Touch Of Honey & Spice 

Large: Cal (532) Pro (39) Carbs (57) Fat (1...

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Kahuna (Medium)

65 AED

Poke & Co Business Bay
Minimum order AED 35

Three protein choices (3 protein scoops), four mixins, four toppings, four garnishes

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Hummus Tawouk

31 AED

On The Wood Silicon Oasis
Minimum order AED 30

Hummus with tawouk garlic sauce topped with tawouk, green capsicum & fresh mushroom.

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Chicken Burrito Bowl

47 AED

Under 500 - Jumeirah

Juicy organic chicken cubes tossed with quinoa, avocados, diced tomatoes, organic beans, red onions, jalapenos, topped with low fat feta cheese and dressed with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon

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The TBLT Sandwich

29.4 AED

Easy Bites

Grilled turkey bacon, iceberg lettuce and tomato with maple syrup mayo

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Fiesta Burrito

43 AED

Freshii - Business Bay
Minimum order AED 25

Cajun Chicken, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Corn, Tomato, Avocado, Jack ‘N Cheddar Cheese, Salsa And Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing.

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