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Mapo Tofu -Vegetarian (V)

54.6 AED

Taipei Dao
Minimum order AED 40

Minced mushroom, tofu, ginger, garlic, chili, fermented soy bean, non-gmo soy sauce, organic palm sugar, deep sea salt, sweet potato flour

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Rice Mylk

15 AED

Mylky Way
Minimum order AED 60

Made with soaked brown rice, you can expect the goodness of whole rice. It is sugar-free, dairy-free and additives free. Lots of flavor and sweetener choices available. Note: The bottle in the p...

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Make Your Own Wrap


Mantoushe Restaurant
Minimum order AED 20

Make your own mini wrap

*Calorie counts differ for make your own

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Almond Butter (5oz)

42 AED

The Raw Place
Minimum order AED 90

Almonds, Himalayan salt

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Clove 100g

22 AED

Rootz Organics
Minimum order AED 45

Clove 100g

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Taboule Quinoa

25 AED

Saj & Co
Minimum order AED 30

Parsley, tomatoes, mint, spring onion, lemon juice and olive oil.

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Green Mean

36.75 AED

Green Mean Green apple, cucumber, orange, celery and parsley

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Organic Gluten-Free Goodness - 500g

40 AED

Mix & Muesli

No Gluten, no problem!

Ingredients: Almonds, Buckwheat Flakes, Apricot, Quinoa Flakes, Chia Seeds, Papaya and Raisins.

100% Natural, No preservatives, No added sugar and Non GMO.

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Nut Butter Toast

21 AED

Poke & Co JLT
Minimum order AED 30

All natural Peanut Butter on multi seeded toast topped with a berry chia jam and fresh fruit.

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Cinnamon Vegan Muffin

12.6 AED

The Craving Busters

Box of 8 muffins

*Calories per 65g piece

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Cashew Spread

45 AED

Minimum order AED 80

Smooth and Creamy Cashew Butter With a Taste of Caramel. Generous and Deliciously North American, Almost Like a Cake Icing in a Jar!

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Juice Delight

315 AED

Pure Delight

Ideal for those who are doing a cleanse for the first time.

5 selected cold-pressed juice compositions of fruits and vegetables with 1 vegan nut milk daily.

The share of vegetables...

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Matcha Mint Chip Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

31.5 AED

Coco Yogo
Minimum order AED 150

Creamy coconut ice cream , each bar is hand dipped in chocolate and coated with cacao nibs and coconut

*Calories per piece

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Candynut Glaze ( 10 packs x 60 g each )

100 AED

Munchbox Snacks
Minimum order AED 70

48hr Delivery Time

Cranberries & walnuts

0 Reviews

Fresh Carrot

16 AED

On The Wood Khan
Minimum order AED 30

Fresh Carrot

0 Reviews

Karma Rama Smoothie

22 AED

Br8 Kitchen
Minimum order AED 25

Orange, Pineapple,Mango,Banana and passionfruit with ginseng (350ml)

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Planet Organic Almond Butter Cup 25g

9.56 AED

Raw dark chocolate, raw cacao paste, coconut sugar, raw cacao butter, roasted almond butter, virgin coconut oil, himalayan pink salt

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Classical Baked Falafel in Brown Dough

15 AED

On The Wood Muwailah
Minimum order AED 30

Baked falafel, tomato, lettuce, mint, turnip pickles and tahina sauce.

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