Ayurvedic Purify Cleanse (6 JUICES)

Ayurvedic Purify Cleanse (6 JUICES)

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Each bottle contains 500ml of organic juice.

Karma Ayurveda - Chia seeds, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries, spinach, pure aloevera, Indian gooseberry.

Bhakti Ayurveda - Cucumbers, coconut water, lemon, pure aloe, pineapple, mint, apple, brain tonic.

Dnyan Ayurveda - Lemon, filtered water, activated charcoal, raw organic honey.

Vatta Ayurveda- Beetroot, carrots, cherries, lime, filtered water.

Kapha Ayurveda- Cucumber, spinach, kale, acai powder, blueberries, rasberries, raw organic honey.

Pitta Ayurveda- Sprouted almonds, date paste,Himalayan pink salt, Vanilla bean, Ionised water.


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  • Dairy Free
  • Detox

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