Variety Box of 12 Scrumptuous snacks - 800g

Variety Box of 12 Scrumptuous snacks - 800g

Munchbox Snacks

Minimum order AED 70

48hr Delivery Time

Snacks Included: A selection of the following:

Nutty Mixes: Chocoalmonds, Monkey Munch, Choc n Roll, Choco Figgy Walnuts, Candynutglaze, Open Sesame, It's a Date, Butterless Crunch, Cowboy Crunch, Cornicopia, Honey Dijon, Nutty Professor, Caprese, Posh Spice, Wasaa corn, Biryani Blast, Cornzilla.

Energy Balls: Coconut, Cinnamon & Vanilla, Choco Chia, Cranbanana, Coffee

Protein Pebbles: Peanut Butter, Cranberries and Oats, Coffee Chocolate, Coconut


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