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Apple Milk Chocolate Bar

22.05 AED

Caho Chocolate
Minimum order AED 80

Up to 48hr delivery time

Milk chocolate with hand selected freeze-dried apples


Freeze dried apples, milk chocolate 35%, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soya, l...

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Stuffed Chicken

37 AED

Healthy And Yummy Zone - HAYZ
Minimum order AED 35

Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Turkey Bacon and Low Fat Cheddar Cheese topped with Red Cabbage, Lemon Chops and Light Thyme Sauce

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Organic Lifestyle - 1 Month Plan (5 days/week)

3600 AED

Lifestyle Plans

A range of 1,200-2,000 calories per day.

1 month plan (5 days/week).

Comes with 3 meals + 2 snacks.

This package is perfect for those not looking for a drastic change in ph...

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Raw Almonds Pack - 150 gm (Pack of 5 bags)

90 AED

Munchbox Snacks
Minimum order AED 70

48hr Delivery Time

Raw Almonds - 90 AED for 5 bags (150 g per bag)

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Espresso Single

16 AED

Organiclicious Deli

Espresso Single

0 Reviews


25 AED

Seedology Restaurant
Minimum order AED 35

Mango, saffron, yogurt, almond milk

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23 AED

Poke & Co Business Bay
Minimum order AED 35

Ice latte

0 Reviews

30 Gram Protein Wrap

40.95 AED

Just Salad - DIC

Organic kale & red cabbage, chickpeas, organic quinoa, edamame, egg whites, crumbled feta

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Red Apple - 0.250 kgs

3.18 AED

QualityFoodae Grocery

1 kilogram = 6 pieces (approx.) 

It tastes like a combination of berries and white wine, with a little nuttiness thrown in. 


0 Reviews

Sake Salad

46 AED

Miyabi Sushi
Minimum order AED 40

Sliced Salmon Laid on a Bed of Cucumber & Seaweed. Served with Zesty Ponzu Sauce & Garnished with Tobiko

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Farm-Raised Prawns,Cleaned & Shell On " Small Size" - 0.250 kgs

11.55 AED

QualityFoodae Grocery

250 grams= 25 pcs (approx.),Cleaned & Shell On " Small Size"

Nothing except sweet, clean, honest flavor; no preservatives, no antibiotics, no hormones, just shrimp. ...

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Buffalo Salad

36 AED

Freshii - Business Bay
Minimum order AED 25

Romaine, Tomatoes, Aged Cheddar, Carrots, Celery, Ranch Dressing, Buffalo Sauce

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Sheherazad's Dream

25 AED

Favourite Choice

Dates, Almonds, Avocado, Oat Milk, Honey, Cardamom, Cinnamon.

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Brown Mushroom - 1 Packet

9.36 AED

QualityFoodae Grocery

1 packet = 200-250 grams (approx.)

Like button mushrooms with a tan,brown mushroom are slightly denser and hardier (and have a milder but earthier flavor) than the commo...

0 Reviews

Organic Sun Blast Juice

5.5 AED

JJ Chicken Sheikh Zayed

Orange or apple flavor, take your pick!

0 Reviews

High Protein Loaf (400 gr.)

45 AED

Healthy Patisserie
Minimum order AED 95

High Protein Loaf

0 Reviews

Seasonal Citrus Fruit Pot

15 AED

Skinny Genie

Mandarin or orange (seasonal)

0 Reviews

3 Eggs-Cooked The Way You Like

34 AED

More Cafe Jumeirah

Choice of omelette, scrambled, poached or sunny side up with toasted bread

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