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Chocolate Raspberry Tartlet (2 Pieces)

60 AED

Spill The Bean

A silky truffly chocolate raspberry tart that literally melts in your mouth

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Dairy Free Carrot Cake Slice

10.5 AED

Skinny Genie

Dairy Free Carrot Cake Slice


Contains eggs, tree nuts & soy.

0 Reviews

Fruity Toast

21 AED

Healthy Little Secrets

Your choice of bread and topping

0 Reviews

Biryani Blast - 60gm (Pack of 10 pieces)

79 AED

Munchbox Snacks
Minimum order AED 70

48hr Delivery Time

Spicy Cashewnuts

0 Reviews

Mini Muffins - Box (6 or 12 Pieces)

69.5 AED

Assorted Skinny Muffins


Contains dairy, eggs & seeds. May contain tree nuts.

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Chocolate Tart (1 Piece)

25 AED

Healthy Patisserie
Minimum order AED 95

Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Agave, Organic Gluten-Free Flour, Organic Almond Flour, Soy Milk, Cacao, Dairy-Free & Sugar-Free Chocolate.

0 Reviews

Chocolate Dream Ice Cream Sandwich

31.5 AED

Coco Yogo
Minimum order AED 150

Creamy coconut ice cream, each bar is hand dipped in chocolate and coated with cacao nibs and coconut

*Calories per piece

0 Reviews

Peanut Chocolate Bar

48 AED

Mylky Way
Minimum order AED 60

Delicious bar. It’s sugar-free, gluten-free, whole peanuts with chocolate and dates. Suitable for vegans, ketos, paleo.

0 Reviews

Apple Milk Chocolate in Wooden Box

166.95 AED

Caho Chocolate
Minimum order AED 80

Up to 48hr delivery time

Milk chocolate with hand selected freeze-dried apples


Freeze dried apples, milk chocolate 35%, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soya, l...

0 Reviews

Belgian Dark Chocolate Protein Bites

8.4 AED

Pana Chocolate
Minimum order AED 80

Calling lovers of pure & mighty powerful cacao, our Belgium Dark chocolate coated pumpkin seeds. Defined flavour yet utterly delicious (especially with a cup of coffee). Munch away.

0 Reviews

Fit Food Brownie

14.7 AED

The Fit Food Kitchen
Minimum order AED 45

Traditional And Old Fashioned Brownies Topped With Sliced Almonds

0 Reviews

Vegan Snickerdoodle Cookies (6 pieces)

35 AED

Healthy Patisserie
Minimum order AED 95

Extremely chewy & flavory cookies, you will never think that they are healthy

0 Reviews

Pecan Caramel Tart (1 piece)

25 AED

Healthy Patisserie

Pecan, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Agave, Organic Gluten-Free Flour, Organic Almond Flour, Soy Milk.

0 Reviews

Muesli Cookie (6 Pieces)

80 AED

Spill The Bean

Delicious & healthy wheat and refined sugar free cookie bars sweetened with apricots and honey and loaded with nuts for added crunch

0 Reviews

Apple Cinnamon, Walnut & Chia Seeds Muffin (Box Of 6)

69.5 AED

Apple Cinnamon, Walnut & Chia Seeds Muffin


Contains dairy, eggs, tree nut & seeds.

0 Reviews

Banana and Almond

26.5 AED

Simple Cafe
Minimum order AED 40

Almond butter, banana, strawberry, gluten free bagel

0 Reviews

Acai Bowl

45 AED

Under 500 - Marina Kitopi

Superfood Amazon acai berries blended with banana and strawberry, topped with toasted granola

0 Reviews

Medjool Date Brownie

15 AED

Poke & Co Business Bay
Minimum order AED 35

Organic Gluten Free Flour, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Sugar, Medjool Dates, Flax-Seeds, Cacao, Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Chocolate

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