5 Benefits of Switching to Brown Rice

There's one unspoken truth that we all know and that multiple reports have even confirmed: many people love to eat rice. Nearly half of the world’s population, about 3.5 billion people, consider rice to be a staple food.

Besides being a nutritious meal, rice is well-favored because it's one of the most convenient foods to prepare. With a rice cooker, you can easily cook rice on its own. You can also cook it in an instant pot along with other ingredients, like chicken and vegetables. The versatility and limitless possibilities you can do with rice make it a handy ingredient to have in the kitchen. 

You might be more familiar with white rice and may be considering eating more of it. Yet although all types of rice are beneficial, brown rice is a much better option since they provide additional nutrients to your body. If you’re not convinced, here are five reasons why you should switch to brown rice: 

You get more nutritional value

Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice. It contains various vitamins and minerals like vitamins B and E, iron, and phytochemicals. Meanwhile, white rice usually only contains vitamin B and iron, and these ingredients are typically added only after the milling process. Brown rice is also brimming with nutrients, such as fiber, manganese, selenium, and magnesium. If you further cook it in an instant pot as part of a larger dish, you can preserve more of the nutrients in brown rice than you would with other cooking styles. Doing so can ensure you're maximizing the nutrition you can get from your food in every bite.

You reduce your risk of diabetes 

Brown rice can also lower your risk of developing diabetes because it has a lower glycemic index than white rice. In fact, research supports the effectiveness of brown-rice diets on glycemic control. Such studies concluded that since brown rice has a lower glycemic index, it elicits a lower glucose response in individuals after it's eaten. Because of this, brown rice can help you reduce insulin surges and stabilize blood sugar levels in your body.

You can better manage your weight

If you’re following a weight management plan, switching to brown rice can assist you in hitting all your goals, as well. Brown rice contains more dietary fiber than white rice. Consequently, food with higher fiber content lets you feel fuller longer, allowing you to reduce your food intake and avoid weight gain. So by replacing white with brown rice, you’ll be able to easily follow your weight management plan without constantly feeling hungry throughout the day.

You can promote bone health

Aside from calcium, magnesium plays an essential role in maintaining healthy bones. By consuming more magnesium in your diet, you can increase your bone density and lower your risk of medical conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Brown rice is rich in both calcium and magnesium, so eating more of it will allow you to promote and maintain good bone health to the best of your ability.

You can improve your heart health

Lastly, many of the nutrients present in brown rice allow you to keep your heart healthy. For instance, our previous article on taking care of your heart shared that fiber has heart-protective properties that can reduce blood pressure. Aside from strengthening your bones, magnesium can also decrease your blood pressure, making you less vulnerable to heart disease and stroke. So if you’re looking for food that’s good for your heart, remember that whole grains like brown rice are the way to go. 

Brown rice contains nutrients that support various bodily functions and can improve your overall health. If you’re planning to adopt a healthier diet, remember to switch to brown rice.

Specially written for eatcleanme.com by Jillian Boherk.

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